pete wentz

better with a pen (now with added masterpost of fic!)

hey, livejournal. long time, no see. if you have a little poke around my lj, you'll see that i've deleted all my personal posts, strange ramblings, and emo babble. i've decided to revive illimerence, but keep it nice and tidy and fiction only. i'm also going to clean up my flist a little bit, because back when i checked this site daily (which i'm gonna start doing again) it got a little bit over my head. reintroduce yourself if you like!

about me
i'm an eighteen year old pop punk fanboi, a hopeless romantic and an obsessive reader. depending on whether or not i actually keep at it this time, you might find anything from original poetry to supernatural fanfiction on this ol' writing blog of mine. ooor you might just find my old bandom stuff from 2009.

you can find me on tumblr and twitter. if you're into, you know, stalking and shit.

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